3 Steps for Sweet Success

Any relationship takes time, effort, and thoughtfulness. A business relationship is no different. Here are 3 simple steps for building a successful relationship with your vendors, agency partners, and even your employees.

Align on priorities, budget, team, and tools

  • This sets the stage for a healthy working relationship. There will be no surprise invoices, scope creep, or misalignment. Instead, collaboration will be easy and everyone’s time and energy will be focused, which in turn will lead to healthy and successful campaigns over time.

Iron out a project request process

  • This ensures your project team has everything they need to launch campaigns successfully, while limiting the back-and-forth and keeping project costs to a minimum. This will help everyone stay productive as your business scales and enable you to expand your efforts.

Divide and conquer

  • You should focus on what you’re good at. Same goes for your vendors, employees, or anyone on your project team for that matter. To achieve this you will need to clearly define roles and responsibilities on both sides, put on your project manager hat, and make sure everyone is set up for success. This will help you scale while keeping your sanity.


We’ve seen high-performing companies bake this into their culture and the way they approach projects. If you’re thinking long-term, it’s not hard to do. It does take a little time and effort though, but it’s worth it in the long run. After all, there’s nothing like the taste of sweet success!

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