In-House or Outsourced?


These days everyone is trying to run lean, and for good reason. It’s hard to find good talent, let alone retain them. Layer in the onboarding period, training, and all the overhead that comes with hiring a full-time employee – its easy to see why companies are relying on consultants, vendors, and agencies to complement their marketing teams.

You may be wondering, what are the benefits of working with an agency?

  • Scale rapidly – A good agency enables you to bring on additional stakeholders, ramp up marketing campaigns quickly, open new channels, and measure performance.
  • Work proactively – Your team will learn to work proactively instead of reactively, which increases campaign performance, reduces campaign costs, and minimizes errors.
  • Add experts to your team – No need to worry about training your employees or recruiting a team of marketing experts to optimize campaigns, establish scaleable processes, and provide a strategic roadmap – a good agency will add this expertise to your team instantly.
  • Focus on key initiatives – Another major benefit of working with an agency is the time and energy you will be able to put towards your main objectives – you will become more strategic as you elevate your game.
  • Innovate – You can’t innovate if you’re stuck in the weeds – let the agency handle the heavy lifting so you can spend more time coming up with new ways to grow your business.

If you want to focus on strategy and planning, then partnering with an agency is a good choice to consider. Just make sure they align with your goals, people, and process and you should be set for a fruitful relationship.

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