Marketing Automation Roles & Responsibilities


Putting a team together? In this post we lay out all the roles and responsibilities needed to leverage marketing automation successfully.

Marketing Operations: This role serves many functions, some of which include owning all of your marketing technologies, contributing to your team’s strategy and vision, managing the day to day operations of your marketing automation platform, coordinating campaigns with internal stakeholders, and providing reports so the executive team can make data driven decisions. A good Marketing Ops team…

  • Can tie revenue back to campaign and channel performance
  • Knows how to automate their funnel
  • Understands the importance of a streamlined workflow
  • Is instrumental to the success of any company trying to scale

Copywriting: This role is responsible for engaging their audience across all marketing channels. A good Copywriter…

  • Understands their customer’s pain points
  • Knows how to educate their audience
  • Brings consistency to their company’s messaging
  • Enables their team to focus on launching campaigns

Demand Generation: This role is all about finding quality leads and building the funnel. A good Demand Gen team…

  • Knows how to amplify their marketing efforts throughout multiple channels
  • Follows a data driven process
  • Unites Sales and Marketing teams
  • Understands the value of the products & services you are selling

The more you have these roles defined, the easier it will be to build a team around them. It’s all about setting yourself up for success!

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